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Jinan Qixin Medical and Health Products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Qixin Company) is located in Jinan Jibei Development Zone. Is a scientific research, production, sales as one of the high-tech enterprises. The company has a modern office environment, a young and knowledgeable talent structure, a cohesive team, a vibrant spirit and strict organizational discipline. Qixin Company develops and develops a series of new products with reliable quality, definite curative effect and consumers'trust with the enterprise spirit of "strictness and pragmatism, vigorousness and popularity", the enterprise concept of "survival by quality, development by innovation", market-oriented and product quality optimization as a breakthrough point, and makes new contributions to the cause of human health. In the 21st century, with the acceleration of people's life rhythm and the improvement of living standards, consumers pay more and more attention to health needs. In the face of the trend of the development of health care industry, Qixin Company is facing new opportunities and challenges. Qixin Company will work hand in hand with friends in the industry to create brilliance with its successful marketing plan, market operation plan, huge advertising support and good reputation.